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Its nice to finaly have a company that stands by their customers. They helped me from start to finish in setting up and promoting my business, something I never got from any other host. Keep up the great work!
Sandra L. Fraser

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Your Account Includes:

  Initial configuration help and consultation
  Advice and troubleshooting for all preinstalled/supported
software issues
  Full Fantastico Scripts Here  
  Full hardware support
  Full support of control panels
  24/7 basic server monitoring
  24/7 Helpdesk access
  24/7 system reboots
  IP address changes, additions, removals
  Security patch installation
  Linux Kernel version upgrades and patches
  PHP enhancements/upgrades
  Apache Web Server enhancements/upgrades
  Installation of basic modules

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•   Do you offer a money back guarantee?
•   Will you advertise on my website?
•   Do your servers have battery backups and generators?
•  Do you maintain website backups?
•   What is your uptime?
• Can I host multiple domains on one account?
• Can I upgrade my plan at a later date?
• Do you offer a lifetime price lock guarantee?
• Do I have to register my domain with you?
• Can you host international domains?
• Can I use my own CGI and PHP scripts?


  Fully automated billing
  Extensive account
  Instant account setup or

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