Since launching my site online my sales have doubled because people now can see what I have to offer. Thanks HostingShip for keeping me online all the time.

The Siddhartha has partnered with some of the best talent in the Greater Toronto Area. Every skill, every programming language, and the very best eyes in the creativity industy converge to produce your website in the best possible manner.

We help local businesses establish a professional presence on the internet in the least amount of time possible. We work with you from start to finish to produce a fully customized website and then goes further through added services in promotions to produce the traffic you need to make your investment a success.

Focus on your business while we develop your site, you can expect proofs to be presented to you in your office or converse with us through email. Once you have chosen a design we will work with our partners to finalize all issues and you can expect a well made product in the end.

Feel ambitious? Do- it- yourself website developement has become more and more popular these days. With FreeSite Designer you become the architect of your site, and its FREE! Click on the link below for the free website builder included with your hosting package.

Through the included FANTASTICO software there are a host of extras you can add to your site and self install. Its as easy as 1...2...3. also goes the extra mile in providing all of our paid hosting plans a bonus of over 65,000 professional website templates like the ones seen below. Our customers may also individually purchase (without hosting) purchase these 5 DVDs containing over 20GB of website templates, flash introductions, ebooks, javascripts, and a host of other useful resources to start a website by clicking here.

In addition to the templates we offer, we would also suggest you try some of our affiliates who offer complete website templates for a reasonable price.



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